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  • Maintain and expand services in a manner that aids the city in achieving its broader objectives
  • Protect the City’s assets by providing preventive maintenance and quality control on all public improvements
  • Protect the environment and public safety, health, and well-being through regulatory activities and code compliance
  • Provide cost-effective service in a friendly and efficient manner

   ** Customer Advisory**

St. Cloud Environmental Utilities  contracted  Utility Services Inc., a subsidiary of SUEZ, to conduct ice pigging in some portions of the water distribution system which have experienced discolored water located between Old Canoe Creek and Canoe Creek Roads and south of 13th Street. The ice pigging began on February 10, 2020 and the first phase concluded on June 1, 2020.. This procedure is an alternative to flushing mains, especially mains that might be causing issues with discolored water. Ice Pigging is a technique that is more effective than flushing in removing particles and sediments from pipe walls. An ice slurry is pumped through a section of main to “clean” it.

During the flushing process, a small amount of sodium chloride (table salt) may enter your service line. Customers should avoid using water during the time the main cleaning and should run their taps for 2 to 3 minutes prior to using the water for drinking or cooking after the completion of the procedure. If a salty taste is detected, run your tap for a longer period of time. Generally, if you detect a cooler temperature of the water from your tap, you have sufficiently flushed out your service line. If the water becomes very cold, continue to run your tap for an additional 2 to 3 minutes.

For healthy individuals, the sodium intake from water is not important, because a much greater intake of sodium takes place from salt in the diet. However, sodium levels above the recommended upper limit of 50 milligrams per liter may be a concern to individuals on sodium restricted diet, or those on dialysis.

Irrigation Restrictions

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Irrigation Restrictions

**FOR THE ST. CLOUD UTilities WATER INFORMATION PORTAL AND INFORMATION ON ice pigging,  Line Swabbing and additional water initiatives CLICK HERE.

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