Applications, Checklists, Forms, and Fees

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*** To receive a copy of any application, checklist or form listed below, please contact the Community Development Department by email at or by phone at 407-957-8427.

  • Parking Determination Checklist (PDF)
  • Parking Requirements Waiver - LDC 3.20.8.D (PDF)PUD Amendment (Major) Checklist (PDF)
  • PUD Amendment (Minor) Checklist (PDF)
  • PUD Final Master Plan Checklist (PDF)
  • PUD Subdivision Construction Plans Requirements and Checklist (PDF)
  • PUD Zoning and Preliminary Master Plan Checklist (PDF)
  • Pre-Application Meeting Request Form (PDF)
  • Preliminary Subdivision Plan Addendum, Requirements, and Checklist (PDF)
  • Request for Extension of Expiration Checklist (PDF)
  • Sign Posting AFFIDAVIT and Instructions (PDF)
  • Site Development Plan and LDC Checklist (PDF)
  • Site Development Plan (MINOR) Checklist (PDF)
  • Site Development Plan (MINI) Checklist (PDF)
  • Site Development Plan LDC 4.2.8 Requirements (PDF)
  • Site Development Plan MODIFICATION Application (PDF)
  • Standard Site Variance Checklist (PDF)
  • Subdivision Construction Plans Requirements and Checklist (PDF)
  • Subdivision or Construction Plan Amendment Request (PDF)
  • Subdivision Variance Checklist (PDF)
  • Surveyor Certification Form (PDF)
  • Tree Bank Fund (PDF)
  • Zoning Verification Request Form (PDF)

Additional Forms regarding Water & Wastewater (Public Services)

Water and Wastewater Pre-Application Meeting Request Application (PDF)
Water and Wastewater Agreement Request (Outside City Limits) Checklist (PDF)
Water/Sewer Request (Outside City Limits) Checklist (PDF)

2019 DRC Schedule (PDF)

Schedule of Fees and Charges

View the schedule of fees for processing applications and charges for other related requests. For additional information or assistance with determining the applicable fees, please contact the Development Coordinator's office at 407-957-7255.

CADD Standards

If the application checklist indicates materials to be submitted in AutoCAD digital format, please view the standards and requirements for submittal (PDF).