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Core Values

Department Mission

Our commitment is to protect lives and property by providing the highest level of service to the community.


St. Cloud Fire Rescue will continue to be a premier service provider dedicated to our community.

Core Values


  • Be proficient in your job both technically and as a follower / leader.
  • Make sound and timely decisions, (safe, ethical, cost effective) .
  • Ensure that tasks are understood, supervised, accomplished.
  • Develop yourself / subordinates and new team members for the future.


  • Look out for each others well being.
  • Keep each other informed with facts.
  • Build the team.
  • Listen. 



  • Know yourself and seek improvement.
  • Seek responsibility and accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Do the right thing for the right reason.


  • Think Safety!
  • Act Safely!
  • Speak up if you see something unsafe!