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Contractor/Service Registration

The City of St. Cloud has two different types of Registrations.  One of the following is required for a Contractor or Service Provider to obtain a permit:

    Contractor Registration (for State licensed contractors)
Construction Service Registration (for service type work that does not require a State license)

Registration Process
Please provide the following items for a registration:

  • Completed application
  • Copy of city or county business tax receipt  
  • Copy of general liability certificate showing the City of St. Cloud as the certificate holder
  • Copy of state license (when applicable)
  • Copy of workers compensation insurance policy or exemption certificate
  • Letter of reciprocity (when applicable and must be mailed from exam location)

Before applying, please check that the business name, business address, and owner name is the same on all items. Also check the expiration dates to ensure they are still valid.

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