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Maps of CRA Districts
Maps of the 3 CRA Districts

The area for the CRA was designated in the 2009 CRA Master Plan after a careful examination of the prior Findings of Necessity Report. 

St. Cloud's CRA is subdivided into 3 distinct districts, each with its own unique character and specifically identified vision and goals. 

The map for the entire CRA area is available here.

The Downtown District
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The goals for the Downtown District are to:
    - assure the long term economic vitality of the downtown,
    - preserve resources where feasible,
    - ensure that redevelopment complements the historic and architecturally significant buildings, and
    - create a pedestrian friendly and mixed use main street environment.

The Central District
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The goals for the Central District are to:
    - provide a gateway presence to the Downtown District, and
    - create a traditional urban district with smaller-scaled businesses located close together on smaller lots that  
      reinforce the overall image of the CRA area.

The Gateway District
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As the western entry points into St. Cloud, and as the center of major retail activities, the goals for the Gateway District are to:
     - provide gateways that identify arrival, and 
     - establish a unique sense of place and high quality of design and aesthetics that separates the CRA from 
        other locations along the U.S. 192 corridor.

Additional Maps

Medical Arts Campus (MAC)

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