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CRA Budget Information
CRA Budget and Other Financial Information

The CRA budget is set annually by the CRA Board.  The fiscal year for the CRA runs from October 1 - September 30.  The CRA budget is contained within the City's overall budget.

Approved 2017/2018 CRA Budget 



 $      796,757

Investment Income

 $        30,000

Other Revenue

 $        85,137

Prior Year Balance
(includes prior years planned projects)

 $    2,411,112

Total Revenues

 $   3,323,006


Aid to Private Organizations

 $      380,000

Professional Services

 $      275,000

Capital Expenditures

 $      125,000

Operating Expenditures

 $      489,471

Total Expenditures

 $   1,269,471


 $   2,053,535

The most recent audit report -- the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) -- of the CRA is available here.  This document pertains only to the CRA.  For the complete audit report for the City, click here (this is a large document and will take longer to open).

You can also access reports about CRAs and other Special Districts provided by the Florida Department of Financial Services, Bureau of Financial Reporting.  Click here to access this site.