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New Structure Permit Application - Residential

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    1300 Ninth Street St. Cloud, FL. 34769 Phone: 407.957.7224 Fax: 407.957.8412

  3. 6th Edition FL Building Codes; 6th Edition FL Fire Prevention Code; 2014 National Electrical Code

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    Please make a selection for each of the following. Please ensure your selection correctly reflects construction type, classification and use, as Permit fees and Impact fees are assessed based on these selections.

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    For Single Family Attached or Multifamily, please provide details below

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    Below are the most recent versions of our applications forms. Forms are fillable PDFs for your convenience. Please fill forms in their entirety. If a field does not apply please fill in the blank with N/A.

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  9. Required if job value is $2,500.00 or more

  10. Submit if footprint of property is changing

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