Public Services

Department Mission

  • Maintain and expand services in a manner that aids the city in achieving its broader objectives
  • Plan and provide for safe and efficient traffic circulation
  • Protect the City's assets by providing preventive maintenance and quality control on all public improvements
  • Protect the environment and public safety, health, and well-being through regulatory activities and code compliance
  • Provide cost-effective service in a friendly and efficient manner
  • Serve the city residents with efficient and timely solid waste collection and disposal

Public Services Divisions

The Public Service Department is a multi-functional department consisting of the following divisions:

  • Civil Engineering Division
  • Environmental Utilities
  • Solid Waste Division
  • St. Cloud Utilities Customer Service Center
  • Streets and Stormwater Division
  • Traffic control Division
  • Vehicle Maintenance Division

2019 Water/sewer/impact fee rates

UnidirectionalFlushing Program to Begin

Starting Tuesday, August 20th, the Public Services Department will begin a unidirectional flushing program. This is part of our continuing efforts to help eliminate any possible water color issues throughout the distribution system. 

Unidirectional flushing is a designed flushing program where crews flush certain hydrants along the City’s larger water mains. Crews will be flushing the mains at high rates, which will remove any possible sedimentation or deposited minerals in any City pipes.

Residents may notice a drop in water pressure while the flushing is occurring. Pressure should return shortly after the flushing has stopped. Crews will be working from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., weekdays only. 

Which areas could be impacted by flushing?

Zone two is anticipated to take about 1 week to finish. The following neighborhoods might feel effects from the unidirectional flushing program:

  • Natchez Trace

  • Pine Lake Estates

  • Anthem Park

  • St. Cloud Villas

  • Heather Hall

  • Neptune Elementary

  • Magnolia Glenn

  • St. Cloud Regional Medical Center