Typical Installation Backflow Preventer Detail

St. Cloud Environmental Utilities Water Droplet with Sailboat LogoCross Connection Control Program

The City of St. Cloud's Environmental Utilities Department is tasked with safeguarding the public drinking water supply from unintentional contamination. Cross connections occur anytime the public water supply is connected to a potentially contaminated water source. These cross connections pose a hazard if the water pressure in the City's water main drops and contaminated water is forced back into the public water supply. This is called backflow.

In the City of St. Cloud, backflow prevention devices are required by the Florida Department of Health, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and the City of St. Cloud's Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Program. The vast majority of backflow prevention devices are typically installed between the point of connection of the water service line to the City's water main and the sprinkler heads of your irrigation system.

Reduced pressure (2 inches and smaller) diagramBackflow Prevention

Backflow prevention devices are designed to keep liquids not associated with your potable water supply from flowing back into your service line and contaminating it. 

 For questions or more information about the Cross Connection Program, please contact the Environmental Utilities Department via email or at 407-957-7344.