Line Swabbing

To augment and complement the ice pigging the City will be conducting another water line cleaning process, Line Swabbing, along the water mains feeding the water lines through out the City. 

Line Swabbing requires the water line be taken out of service during the cleaning process therefore customers will experience a water supply outage during this time.

Following the line swabbing process, the water line will be disinfected with a chlorine solution in accordance with regulatory requirements before being returned to service. Due to the water line temporarily being out of service the swabbing process and in accordance with state guidelines, the City of St. Cloud Environmental Utilities Department is required to issue a “Precautionary Boil Water Notice” immediately following the Line Swabbing. The City of St. Cloud advises that all water used for drinking, cooking, making ice, brushing teeth, or washing dishes be boiled. A rolling boil of one minute is sufficient. The “Precautionary Boil Water Notice” will remain in effect until a bacteriological survey is completed and we have received results confirming that the water is safe to drink in the areas that have been affected. This process normally requires approximately two days. A separate notification will be issued to the customers that are affected when this process has been completed. 

Below is the current schedule for the Line Swabbing:



Streets Affected by Loss of Service (Precautionary Boil Water)

5/10/2020 (Night) East Lake Shore Blvd. & Partin Settlement Road

Homes Along East Lake Shore Blvd, Brown Chapel Road, Partin Settlement Road, Broadview Drive, Lago Buendia, Legacy Park, Ocean Gulf Estates, Susans Lakefront Estates, East Lake Reserve

East Lake Shore Blvd (from Brown Chapel Road to Partin Settlement Road), Brown Chapel Road (North of Blackberry Creek), Partin Settlement Road (East of US192), Bonita Cir, Broadview Dr, Costa Mesa Ln, Dust Commander Dr, Half Round Ct, Hermosa Way, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, La Mirada Ct, La Terraza Ln, Lady Mae Ln, Lakeshore Blvd, Lilly Belle Dr, Madelia Ln, Marisa Ln, Old Sugar Mill Ln, Remington Blvd, Rising Mist Ct, Serenity Sky Ln, Simmons Rd, Star Magnolia Dr, Vista Ct, Whimsical Ln, Whirlaway Dr

5/11/20 (Night) Osceola County Government Center

Osceola County Government Center


5/12/20 (Night) Emerald Lakes

Emerald Lake Colony, Johnsons Landing, Emerald Lake, Emerald Island Resort, Villas of Emerald Lake, Moss Oaks, Patricia Place

Ames Haven Rd, Ann Ave, Delmar Ave, Delmar St, Ellen Ave, Emerald Dr, Emerald Lake Ct, Florence Dr, Frances St, Irlo Bronson Memorial Hwy, Lucy Ave, Oak St, Patricia St, Robin Ave, Shirley Ave

5/13/2020 (Night)
Canoe Creek Woods

Canoe Creek Woods

Creek Woods Cir, Cypress Woods Cir, Paperwoods Dr, Sugarberry Ln, Fetterbush Ct, Craig Ct, Reade Cir, Christa Ct, Sean Ct, Wood Lake Cir, Beth Ln, Cinda Ct, Vermont Ave, Anne Elisa Cir, Tony Cir

The areas below could be affected by low water pressure or discolored water during the line swabbing process or directly following it:

The evening of 5/10 into the early morning of 5/11 (E Lake Shore and Partin Settlement)

  • Blackberry Creek

  • Pemberly Pines

  • Summer Cove Apartments

  • Sugar Mill

  • Sandhill

  • Homes Along Lakeshore Blvd.

  • Emerald Lake Colony

  • Moss Oaks

  • Cobblestone Apartments

  • Partin Village Shopping Center

The evening of 5/12 into the early morning of 5/13 (Emerald Lakes)

  • Cobblestone Apartments

  • Partin Village Shopping Center

  • Osceola County Government Center

  • Homes and Businesses along Broadview Dr.

  • Osceola County Sherriff’s Fleet Maintenance

  • Homes Along Neptune Road

  • Cane Brake

  • The Woods at Kings Crest

  • Ashley Reserve

  • Kings Crest



Streets Affected by Loss of Service (Precautionary Boil Water)

5/17/2020 (Night) Indian Lakes

Indian Lakes

Shoshone Ct, Chamberlin Ct, Mohawk Ct, Cocopah Ct, Cocopah Lp, Seneca Trl, Winrun Ct, Mohave Ct, Chamberlin Trl, Sioux Ct, Indian Lakes Blvd E, Indian Lakes Blvd W, Maidu Ct, Chippewa Ct

5/18/20 (Night) Michigan Avenue

Homes and Businesses along Michigan Avenue (19th Street to Creek Woods Drive), Christine Estates, Villas Del Castillo, Michigan Estates, South Michigan Acres, Heritage Place, Crystal Creek

Michigan Ave, Chris Ct, Castillo Pl, Andes Wy, Modena St, Fertic Rd, Michigan Estates Cir, Clay Dr, Rebecca Dr, David Dr, Cody Allen Ct, W New Nolte Rd, Creekview Ct

5/19/20 (Night) Michigan Avenue

Homes and Businesses along Michigan Avenue (South of Creek Woods Drive), Lindsey Cove, Royal St. Cloud Golf Links

Michigan Ave, Megan Lynn Ct, Tony Cir.

5/20/2020 (Night)
Southern Pines

Southern Pines

Preserve Blvd, Wood Duck Ct, Petal Pawpaw Ln, Salamander St, Snail Kite Ave, Silver Thistle Ln, Plymouth Turtle Cir, Plymouth Turtle Way, Brown Bear Ct, Brown Bear Way, Gulf Sturgeon Ln, Windbourne Way, Daigledog Dr,

Line Swabbing Notifications