Mental Hygiene Videos

Mental Hygiene Logo.jpegCity of St. Cloud Video Production Project 

The City of St. Cloud has partnered with The Mental Hygiene Project® to produce videos on a model that is centered on resiliency; which is the ability to withstand, recover and grow in times of crisis and life’s adversities. The Mental Hygiene Project® has produced 6 videos on the following topics: Self-Care in a Time of Crisis, Mindset: Fixed vs. the Growth Mindset, How to Manage Stress, The Mental Hygiene Project Stress Continuum, Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling at Home, 4 Stages of Anger / Positive Intervention Techniques.

What did people had to say about the videos?

“Awesome video. Just watched it and I’ll do my best out there” – St. Cloud Police Department

“Absolutely wonderful to see the city offering this advice. A Helping Hand Counseling in Saint Cloud is offering multiple FREE teletherapy support groups in English, Spanish & for different ages.” – Mental Health Counselor Intern

 “Thank you to our local city for promoting mental health during this very difficult time!” – A Helping Hand Counseling Center

“Great message for all of us; especially now!” – FB Follower

“Great message for all of us to embrace right now—Stay Positive” – FB Follower

# 1 Self-Care in Times of Crisis

# 2 Mindset- Fixed vs. Growth 

# 3 How to Manage Stress

# 4 The Mental Hygiene Project® Stress Continuum

#5 Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling at Home

#6 The 4 Stages of Anger / Positive Intervention Techniques

#7 Resilient Leadership

#8 Composure and Adaptability

#9 Seeds of Growth in Crisis

#10 Nutrition Tips to Minimize and Manage Stress

#11 Maslow’s Hierarchy – Safety, Security and Well-being

#12 Maslow’s Hierarchy – Love and Belonging and Esteem

#13 Maslow’s Hierarchy – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Self-Actualization

#14 Cognitive Restructuring

#15 Ignite Your Fire of Success for Recovery and Growth