St. Cloud Businesses Status

Thank you for visiting the City of St. Cloud COVID 19- Businesses Status Web Page. The City of St. Cloud wants to help share a list of businesses (within the city limits of St. Cloud) that remains open during the COVID-19 event. Please email your Business Name, business address, type of business, business phone number, and contact email to We will use this information on our website, social media, and our Economic Development Newsletter.

We also want to remind everyone that this list is a work in progress. It will and can change as the situation progresses. Please be patient with us as we work through this situation together.

  1. Restaurants
  2. Pharmacies
  3. Grocery Stores
  4. Downtown Businesses
  5. General Retail
  6. Services
Business NameBusiness AddressPhone NumberHours of Operations
10th Street Produce and Deli920 New York Ave407-593-98509am-8pm Takeout Only
ABBAletas1703A 10th StreetN/AMon-Fri 2pm-9pm
Anthony’s Pizza4431 13th Street407-593-2717Sun-Thur 11am-9pm: Fri-Sat 11am-10pm 
Beef O’Brady’s2926 13th Street407-891-190011am-8pm take out and delivery only
Bella Roma4863 E. Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy407-892-5800Mon-Thur 4pm-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-9pm
Bonnie Lee’s900 13th Street407-892-831811am-7pm take out only
Brews N Blues1122 Pennsylvania Ave407-593-9401Tues-Sun 11am-9pm Takeout and delivery only
Buffet City4551 13th Street407-957-9900Closed
Burger King2400 13th Street407-892-43336am-12am take out and deliver only
Catfish Place2324 13th Street407-892-577111am-8pm
Canoe Creek Sports Tavern2911 Canoe Creek Road407-891-946411am-11pm
Checkers3554 13th Street407-957-867010am-1am take out only
Chick Fil A4360 13th Street407-891-6985Mon-Sat 6am-10pm take out only
Chili’s4650 13th Street407-957-374211am-11pm
Chime &Time1105 New York Ave407-892-9633Mon-Sat 10am-5pm
Chimentos1110 New York Ave407-957-8771Closed
Chipotle4351 13th Street407-891-0206Online Orders/ Pickup only
Cobblestone Courtyard1401/1403 11th Street407-498-3090Mon-Sat 11am-4pm Takeout Only
Dairy Queen2601 13th Street407-892-188010am-10pm take out and delivery only
Domino’s Pizza4235 13th Street407-957-220010am-12am take out and delivery only
Dukes Brewhouse4037 13th Street407-498-4444Closed
Dunkins-East120 E 13th Street407-593-14625am-10pm take out only
Dunkins-North1421 S Narcoosee Rd407-891-08085am-7pm take out only
Dunkins-South2435 Old Canoe Creek Rd407-593-04075am-10pm take out only
Dunkins-West4004 13th Street407-892-94245am-10pm take out only
Emilio’s Pizza2475 N Narcoosee Rd407-892-80014pm-9pm take out only
Fat Boys2912 13th Street407-892-440010:30am-8pm take out only
Froz-N1481 E. Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy407-593-8300Call for take out only
Frankies Place1018 New York Ave407-891-06636am-3pm Takeout Only
Gators Dockside4001 13th Street407-891-8095Closed
Granny’s Southern Smokehouse818 Pennsylvania Ave407-593-422711am-8pm Takeout and delivery only
Hawaii Grill & Sushi4423 13th Street407-593-007811am-8pm take out only
Hungry Howies1900 13th Street407-957-313111am-10pm take out and delivery only
IHop4101 13th Street407-891-81416am-10pm
Jalapeños4585 13th Street407-892-393611am-10pm take out and delivery only
Jersey Mike’s4437 13th Street407-593-185610am-9pm take out and delivery only
Jimmy Bear’s BBQ4247 13th Street407-508-068111am-8pm take out and delivery only
KFC2733 13tjh Street407-892-665010:30am-10:30pm take out and delivery only
KFC/Taco Bell- South2200 Old Canoe Creek Rd407-891-85277am-1am, Fri-Sat 3am take our and delivery only
Koffee Kup1407 13th Street407-891-14888am-1pm call and takeout only
Kuppa Thyme Tea Room1221 11th Street  102407-414-002911am-3pm Closed Wed-Thurs
La Bella Napoli4071 13th Street407-957-2214Mon-Sat 4pm-10pm take out only
Little Ceasar’s4577 13th Street407-891-220011am-10pm take out and delivery only
Loading...Gastrobrunch1023 New York Ave407-593-02339am-10pm Takeout Only
Mcdonald’s 2800 13th Street407-892-419824hrs take out and delivery only
Mcdonald’s-South3344 Canoe Creek Rd407-498-310324hrs take out and delivery only
Meat N Fire1925 S Narcoosee Rd407-891-607011am-8pm
Mutt’s1517 13th Street407-891-159510am-8pm take out and delivery only
Nature’s Table4429 13th Street407-957-6724Mon-Sat 8am-9pm Sun 10am-6pm take out delivery only
Papa John’s4014 13th Street407-957-7722Sun-Thur 10am-12am: Fri-Sat to 1am take out and delivery only 
Philly Steak & Sub53 13th Street407-957-6772Mon-Fri 10am-4pm take out only
Phyre Brewery & Tavern1108 10th Street407-593-039911am-8pm Takeout Only
Pizza Hut- East1939 S Narcoosee Rd407-891-980711am-11pm take out and delivery only
Pizza Hut- West2818 13th Street407-892-211011am-11pm take out and delivery only
Pollo To Go1703 10th St Suite B407-590-5082Tues-Sat 12p,-9pm
Rancho Chico3195 13th Street407-957-435511am-9:30pm take out and delivery only
Rodeo Diner4211 13th Street407-891-70047am-2pm take out only
Sidelines 4060 13th Street407-957-3434Regular business hours
Sip N Dip1001 13th Street407-892-12525am-10pm take out only
Sonic4350 W 13th Street407-892-93556am-11pm take out only
Southern Grounds Coffee1022 10th Street407-593-0127Mon-Sat 9am-2pm
Starbucks4108 13th Street407-744-3654closed
Stone Bridge Tavern & Grill5330 Michigan Ave407-891-090311am-6pm
Stone Creek Tavern1105 Pennsylvania Ave407-520-0292Tues 5pm-10pm Wed-Sat 11am-11pm Takeout Only
Subway-East2420 13th Street407-957-57119am-10pm take out and delivery only
Subway-East3360 Canoe Creek Rd407-891-04699am-10pm take out and delivery only
Sweet Spot Snoballs1012 New York Ave407-791-4001Tues-Thurs 2pm-8pm Fri/Sat 12pm-8pm
Taco Bell- East4899 E. Irlo Bronson Mem Hwy407-891-9357Sun-Thur 7am-1am Fri-Sat 3am take out and delivery only
Taco Bell- West3601 13th Street407-957-545610am-3am take out and delivery only
Taqueria Tepeyac2009 13th Street407-891-8226Mon-Sat 11am-4pm Takeout Only
Taste Buds Delight2907 Canoe Creek Rd407-593-62897:30am- 7pm take out and delivery only
Thrifty2401 13th Street407-593-6581Calls only for take out
Thee Dog House1120 Pennsylvania Ave407-593-0318Closed
Tijuana Flats4100 13th Street407-979-4748takeout/ curbside only
Touch of Basil902 13th Street407-957-1919Mon-Thurs 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 10pm take out delivery only
Village Inn 4571 13th Street407-957-5880Closing at 9pm as of 3/19 and hours will vary
Wendy’s4201 13th Street407-892-69706:30am-2am take out and delivery only
Wholesome Keto Treats313 Commerce Center Dr.407-593-0113Mon-Sat 12pm-6pm take out and delivery only