Traffic Unit

Unit Function

The St. Cloud Police Department Special Operations Division also oversees a four person Traffic Unit consisting of three full time traffic officers who are each assigned a traffic motorcycle, and one full time sergeant who supervises the unit. Their main function is to respond to all traffic related calls that are received by the department.

The secondary function of the Traffic Unit is to concentrate on high vehicle crash locations, using statistical data, in an effort to reduce the number of crashes. The traffic unit also targets areas with traffic concerns by the citizens of the City of Saint Cloud.

Crossing Guards

St. Cloud Police Department provides crossing guards the training and resources in order to safely and adequately assist the children of our city. Crossing guards attend an approved eight hour Department of Transportation course which outlines training and safety requirements to be used during the course of their shift.

The crossing guards are outfitted with reflective vests and traffic stop signs to allow them to easily be seen while in the performance of their duties. Crossing guards are required to have patience and a keen eye for safety issues. The position is part-time and allows for the crossing guards to work mornings and afternoons at an assigned post. They are valued employees who are critical in assisting our children when crossing the roadways safely to and from school.

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