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Welcome to the St. Cloud Utilities Customer Service Water Information Portal. The purpose of this page is to keep residents and customers of the Utility System informed on a variety of topics of concern including water quality and discoloration, updates on the utility projects and ongoing efforts to address water concerns. 

Water Quality

The City of St. Cloud Environmental Utility department takes drinking water samples regularly for testing by a third-party laboratory to ensure that the drinking water meets all regulatory requirements and is safe to drink.  The results of these samples are reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) which is responsible to the Environmental Protection Agency for administration of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act for the State of Florida.  The FDEP requires that all municipal water systems sample and test for a number of Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Radionuclides, Disinfection By-products, and Bacteria. In all, the City tests for 80 different compounds, disinfection by-products 4 times a year, 70 bacteriological samples every month. To date the City water system is incompliance with all water quality parameters.  

To learn more about the City of St. Cloud’s drinking water quality, recent testing results, and the 2018 Water Quality Report, click here.

Water Treatment Plant No. 4 Polishing Filter Replacement Project

The City of St. Cloud’s Water Treatment Plant No. 4 utilizes two Polishing Filters to catch and remove resin and other fine particles (the main cause of water discoloration) after primary treatment.  The original Polishing Filters structurally failed and lost operational capacity.  In 2018, the City implemented a project to replace the failed polishers. The project’s main objective is to replace the two existing aluminum Polishing Filters with stainless steel Polishing Filters.  The project also includes replacement of valves and new instrumentation. Completion of the project is anticipated soon. 

*UPDATE as of May 15, 2020

During the past two weeks ice pigging has continued in the Mallard Pond and Portofina Vista developments, and over the next two weeks will be performed in the Deer Creek and Briarwood Estates developments. After this phase is complete, the City will temporarily cease ice pigging to assess the results and make a decision about whether to continue, and if so, project location(s) and timing. Throughout the process, it is important to note that workers have performed ice pigging while following CDC, state, and local guidelines in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, a second round of line swabbing was initiated May 10th with four days of swabbing (May 10-13) this week on Partin Settlement Road, the Osceola County government complex, from the government complex through Emerald Lakes to Neptune Middle School, and Canoe Creek Woods subdivision. Next week’s schedule includes four more days of line swabbing (May 17-20) in the Indian Lakes subdivision, Michigan Avenue from south of Bulldog Lane to the golf course, and the Southern Pines subdivision. This process, which complements ice pigging, requires the water line to be turned off briefly in order to allow it to be swabbed, disinfected and then returned to service. Immediately after the water line is turned back on, customers served by the line were placed under a precautionary boil water notice for two days while bacteriological tests are performed to ensure that the line has been properly disinfected. Customers affected by the work were provided several advance notices along with a supply of bottled water for the duration of the precautionary boil water notice period. After next week line swabbing will be paused for the next three weeks while the contractor performs work for other entities, staff prepares areas for additional line swabbing in the latter part of June, and the results are evaluated for further action.

Customer Service continues to survey customers in developments that have received ice pigging in order to gauge customer satisfaction and gain feedback on the success or any customer issues that may have occurred as a result. The survey is being distributed through Constant Contact and is sent to those customers for whom Customer Service has e-mail addresses. Surveys of Mallard Pond and Portofina Vista customers will be conducted in the coming week.

Information has been disseminated to customers in the utilities bill insert and through the website instructing them to flush their hot water heater after the water line serving their residence has received the ice pigging. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided in both the bill insert and on the website.

We would like to hear from those customers who are still seeing discolored water/particles, or experiencing low pressure after ice pigging is completed. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 407-957-7344, so we have record of the occurrence and can attend to it accordingly.