Water Treatment Division


To provide all customers with safe, cost effective drinking water, in adequate volume and pressure, to satisfy domestic uses and fire flow needs.

The City of St. Cloud is supplied with water from groundwater wells that draw from a fresh water reservoir known as the Floridan Aquifer.

The water from this aquifer is primarily fed by rainwater which is filtered through hundreds of feet of sand and rock in a natural filtering process. Water from the aquifer is pumped from 7 wells and is treated by a MIEX system, chlorinated for disinfection purposes and then fluoridated for dental health purposes. The wells tap the Aquifer and transmit water to one of the City's 3 treatment facilities.


The MIEX system uses a magnetic ion exchange treatment process to remove dissolved organic carbon, color, and sulfide from the water and reduces odor, improves aesthetics, and most importantly, reduces disinfection by-product formation.

Water Treatment Tanks, Interior, and Plumbing


The City of St. Cloud routinely monitors for contaminants according to Federal and State Laws, Rules and Regulations.