Fats Oils & Greases

Sewer. JpageFats, Oils and Greases aren't just bad for arteries and waistlines; they're bad for sewers, too.

Sewer overflows and backups can cause health hazards, damage home interiors and threaten the environment. A common cause of overflows is sewer pipes blocked by grease. Grease gets into the sewer from household drains as well as from poorly maintained grease traps in restaurants and other businesses.

Helping to Prevent Sewer Overflows and Backups Is Easy - You Can Help!

  • Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.
  • Scrape grease and food scraps into a can or the trash for disposal.
  • Put baskets/strainers in sink drains to catch food scraps and other solids, and emptying them into the trash.
  • Speak with your friends and neighbors about how to keep grease out of our sewers.