Grant Programs

Downtown District Business Assistance Program

Program Overview

The CRA Downtown District Business Assistance Program (BAP) is a grant program designed to encourage small business participation in special events and/or to locate, expand, or relocate into the downtown business district. The program encourages a mix of pop-up retailers, small farmers' markets, and cottage industry business participation that will ensure a consistently favorable pedestrian experience.

The program is a one-time reimbursable grant, which enables eligible business owners to pay the local Business Tax Receipt (BTR) taxes/fees assessed against the business. The program then reimburses those fees up to$100.00 directly to the applicant. The program provides funding via reimbursement for new and expanding businesses to assist in offsetting specific City and County Business Tax Receipt fees. For purposes of this grant an expanding business is defined as a business who expands its operation and activities, or performs several functions, to require an additional BTR.

Eligible businesses include, but are not limited to downtown/entertainment district pop-up vendor/business, a new business looking to startup, and businesses who may be looking to relocate into the Downtown District. The program focuses on businesses and vendors that complement the downtown business district.

Applicants must be able to obtain a City Business Tax Receipt (BTR). Any person pursuing trade or business, works out of their home, or rents a dwelling for business purposes, within the city limits must obtain a BTR from both Osceola County and the City of St. Cloud, prior to conducting business.

The St. Cloud CRA administers and monitors the program to ensure all eligible businesses meet program expectations. The grant program is capped at $10,000 annually and/or until the program is canceled by the CRA Board of Directors. The grant program is a first-come, first-serve program.


Click on the link below to access the application, and for more complete information about the program, contact St. Cloud’s CRA, at 407-957-7235. Completed applications can be email to:

CRA District Business Assistance Program Application

Building & Site Improvement Grant Program

The St. Cloud Community Redevelopment Agency "CRA" seeks to encourage economic development while acting as a catalyst to eliminate blight and decline.

Tax Increment Financing

We do this through the use of a special funding tool, called Tax Increment Financing or "TIF" that helps the CRA invest in projects, including the redevelopment of key areas within our city; like infrastructure and streetscape improvements, building and site improvement and more.

Helping the Community

By providing a tool for small business and property owners to make improvements the CRA is helping to address physical decline within our city.

The Community Redevelopment Agency "CRA" does this by providing matching grants that can help alleviate the financial burden of revitalization and beautification that property owners face.

Working, hand in hand with property owners the CRA’s goal is to help in the revitalization of our city and to improve conditions in once thriving corridors, neighborhoods and business districts.

Building & Site Improvement Attributions

The Building and Site Improvement Grant Program can help with: 

  • Façade Improvements you’d like to make to your building?
  •  Beautification projects you’ve been contemplating?
  • Things that may need fixing and/or are becoming an eyesore?

The Building and Site Improvement Grant Program is a matching grant program which funds 50% of eligible expenses.

Please note: Properties must be located within one of the 3 CRA districts.

Steps for completing the Building and Site Improvement Grant application.


To request the Building and Site Improvement Grant application, and for more complete information about the program, contact St. Cloud’s CRA, at 407-957-7235.